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X-Factor Animals

Do You Have An X-Factor Pet?!

Our X-Factor Animals

Here are our X-Factor Animals.

Our X-Factor Animals

Your X-Factor Pet

Does your pet have the X-Factor?

Your X-Factor Pet


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Feature Your X-Factor Animal 

  • We invite you to tell us if you have an X-Factor pet that we can feature, or know of an X Factor animal that we should be featuring.  
  • We will create a page of this special X-Factor animal and send it to you.  
  • We may even feature it and send it out to all our subscribers to see how wonderful this X-Factor animal is.


Real Life X-Factor Animal Heros!

Animals helping animals.

Enjoy this video of animals helping animals.

That's why these are X-Factor Animals!

Help Yourself

These X Factor birds have made it to the X-Factor list
because they have an amazing 'me first' attitude. 

Watch how they help themselves to food that
obviously does not belong to them.

I especially like the grocery store clip, of a seagull
going into a store and grabbing a bag of chips.

if it was just that easy for all of us ;)

X-Factor Cute

Remember the days where pigs were pigs
and now pigs are pets.  
These pigs have  being given the
X Factor for cuteness award.  

I've always loved dogs,  but pigs are starting to
infiltrate the 'Man's Best Friend' category.

Karaoke For Pets 

Do You & Your Pet Have The X-Factor?!

You probably at one time or another walked up to sing a karaoke song on stage, or was pushed into it by friends. It's now time to do the same to your pet!  
Who knows they may even sing better than you!  

Record you and your pet singing your favorite songs with your own karaoke equipment. Now you can turn your garage into a recording studio, or Saturday
Night Karaoke party for you, your friends, and your furry friends too.

Get Your Karaoke Equipment Here... And Send In Your Videos To Be Featured!